Sunday 14 July 2013

"The family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have."

Since our day out to the beach last weekend I had been counting down the days until yesterday. We had made arrangements with Mrs M's parents last week to go to the seaside again (weather permitting). Although we get to see them a fair bit it's always round at either of our houses so going out and spending the day together was a really nice change. We woke up early to prepare a picnic and sort out what we needed, things are so different when you don't have children you can pack a small bag and your sorted, we ended up with four bags heaving with 'stuff', Opeie woke up soon after, sat up, rubbed his eyes and said "see nanny and grandad" which i thought was lovely, nanny and grandad came around 7:30ish and we all piled in the car and headed off on our journey to Llandudno. I'd never been before so didn't know what to expect but I was excited about going out for the day.

The weather was glorious as we'd come to expect from the last few days, I was so greatful for the air con in the car the five of us would have been baking without it. We arrived at Llandudno around 10 and after driving around looking for somewhere to park for a bit we parked up and headed down to the main strip. I was having a great time being out and walking about (a bit like a dog), but Mrs M and her folks seemed a little disappointed, it was quite run down and very tacky but the sun was out and it was much better than another day lounging in the back garden. Opeie managed to spot the hello kitty ride as soon as we got to the pier and Nanny Roo couldn't help but get in on the action too.

 After a brief walk along the pier we headed over to the beach, but it was a little dirty and covered in hundreds of dead jelly fish (gross), Mrs M didn't look amused so we left the beach for a walk along the sea front and then found a bench so that Opeie could have some strawberries and cuddle and kiss his new inflatable spider-man that nanny and grandad brought him.

We had a potter around the shops but it was really hot and Opeie was getting quite sleepy up on my shoulders so we headed back to the car for a spot of lunch. It was obvious we had all had enough of Llandudno but none of us were ready to go home as it was still mid afternoon so Grandad mentioned a place we could go that was kind of on the way home called Betws y coed so we all piled in again and went about our adventure, Mrs M dropped off not long after setting off closely followed by grandad so me and Nanny had a nice chat on the way down with Opeie joining in where he could.

Betws y Coed was beautiful, clean and quite picturesque with a few shops, ice cream parlour and surprisingly a vegan / gluten free restaurant (Mrs M's eyes lit up). There was greenery everywhere and everyone seemed happy to be there. Mrs M got to feel 5 years old again when a worried Nanny and Grandad started to apply suncream to her (this parenting job clearly never ends). I think having nanny and grandad in the car had got Opeie quite excited so he missed his afternoon nap, but as soon as we sat down in the park and he had a feed he was out like a light so we sat in the shade under a tree while he slept chatting and watching the world go by.

 It was only a short nap, after about half and hour he woke up and was concerned that Nanny and Grandad were not with us so straight back on my shoulders he got and off we went to track down those elusive grandparents. We soon spotted Nanny Roo so Opeie was happy, Mrs M was desperate to have a look in the Vegan restaurant and Opeie was pulling me through the restaurant and out the back door because he could see trains. My cute talking satnav guided me over the railway bridge and to the gift shop where we brought tickets to go on the miniature steam train. Opeie wasn't sure about it at first but once we got going he had a great time chugging along and waving at Mrs M, Nanny and Grandad every time we went past. Opeie got just as much excitement from the train tickets we were given and was talking about them all the way back to the restaurant.

Time for a much needed sit down and drink, the weather seemed to be getting hotter and hotter (not that I'm complaining) so we sat and had a drink and some snacks. Opeie kept saying 'Bottomly Potts covered in spots', being a little hot and bothered it took me a minute to realise that our very excited boy had spotted a dalmatian sitting by us and it had triggered off Opeie's love for Hairy Maclary and his spotty friend (such a clever boy).

The drive home was relaxing and Opeie's contagious laugh kept us entertained on the journey back as he waved his feet around and we took it in turns to say 'ewwww stinky'. We had managed to go the day without an awkward toilet break being needed by Opeie while travelling, well that was until half the way home when Opeie announced 'Chocolate Pooh' and i had to sit on the side of a lay by with him on his potty (I'm so proud of Opeie's potty training he's been amazing).

We had such an amazing day and it made me realise even more how lucky we are to have Gary and Ruth in our lives. I really don't know why we don't have days out together more often but i guess its so easy to get wrapped up with all the other things that are going on. With the weather the way it is though hopefully there will be chance for us to have another fun day out very soon.

Thanks Nanny and grandad we love you very much xxx

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