Saturday 20 July 2013

Building a custom DC Lego Aquaman iPhone casing (because how else am i going to spend my spare time?)

Both my creative side and inner geek were working overtime last night when I spotted a Lego mini figure I hadn't seem for some time. Yes a small Lego figure does tend to do that to me. The house was tidy(ish), Mrs M was busy on the phone working and the boys were tucked up in bed so I did what any 33 year old would do in the same situation, I got the Lego out.

The mini figure I had spotted was Aquaman, he had been hiding in the Lego Batman Tumbler that me and Seth had built a while back. He's not one of my favourite super heroes but I have always loved the colours on his costume so I decided to revamp my phone after the Yellow Lego protective phone case I built a few weeks back. Crazy really that I would even go to this trouble over a phone I'm the one in the house that uses it least. I had time to kill though, what else was I going to do?

I'm no Tony Stark but we'll call this phone armour 'Mach III' as I'm in a nerdy mood. I didn't end up using Mach II (The Cat in the Hat case) as it was a bit much. I used the shape from the last build and did half orange and half green but it didn't look right so I added in a yellow belt, changing the phone wallpaper made it look more Aquaman esq but it still didn't look right, I really wanted to include the mini figure so I hollowed out the back to make a little home for him. Not meaning to toot my own horn but it came out far better than I had envisioned it so I was really pleased. I really should knock the phone covers on the head though and get Back to building bigger and better things, it is a head turner though when I'm out and about using it.

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