Saturday 20 July 2013

Spins a web any size, loves the swings and the slides, watch out, herecomes the Spider-man

I love it on days when we leave the house and Opeie decides he wants to take a specific toy with him, the kind of day where that toy goes everywhere with us. It was Spider-Man's turn to be on buddy duty which I love because the red and blue poser is very photogenic plus he was always one of my favourite characters growing up (and still is). After dropping Mrs M and Seth off at their destinations we headed off to the park, it was a warm and bright morning with a slight breeze (just the way I like it), plus we didn't want to head straight home as there was housework to be done, booooo....

Spider-man was in full spirits and joined in with all of the activities, He joined Opeie on the swings...

 He had no choice but to tackle the slide when Opeie launched him down from the top...

He then got a little bit cocky on the rope climbing frame, come on Spider-man nobody likes a show off!!

 He even took part in a spot of hide and seek but lets be honest that costume is hardly the peak of camoflage attire.

Opeie was most excited that we found a giant spiders web for him to take a rest on after his hectic morning playing, The wall crawler looked quite at home.

It was a great way to fill a couple of hours and Spider-man even came with us book hunting after the park, I'm thinking we should have done the park after though as the boys found a lovely story time chair in the park. Its lovely watching Opeie treat his toys like their his best friends, he's such a caring and thoughtful little boy, it reminds me of how i used to be with my toys.

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