Thursday 25 July 2013

sketchbook memories #3 - Opeie in the bath wearing daddy's fashion disaster glasses

After getting home a bit later than we expected too last night neither me and Mrs M were in the mood for a big tea so we had a snack. No tea meant no washing up which freed up the remainder of my evening nicely for a spot of drawing. Sketch number three is a picture I took of Opeie in the bath wearing my old glasses.

A few years back I had kind of a Timmy Mallet thing going on with a selection of oversized and colourful specs. Looking back now I don't know what I was thinking and from the picture I took its clear that they were a lot cuter on mini me.

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Mike Grant said...

That's a great picture. My boys have a habit of finding my old fashion disasters and trying them on as well. The least said about my taste in clothes in the 80s the better.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thanks for the comment, the 80's was a bad time for fashion i agree, lets just say i wont be doing any sketches of me wearing one of my many shell suits or the multi coloured bum bag i refused to ever take off. Its funny to look back on though. Hope your having a great week x