Sunday 21 July 2013

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing."

For us there is adventure around every corner, its easy to initiate adventure though when you have young children. Everything is new and fun for them, i would love to be that innocent again. A couple of days back, before picking up Mrs M from work we drove to a random field and went for a walk. The next field over was filled with long grass so Seth was really excited about running about in there.

Seth was being the big scary monster and chasing after me and Opeie snarling and grunting. Opeie laughed and screamed all the way through the grass. We came out the other side and over the hill in front of us was an old derelict rail track. Seth was so excited he could barely catch his breath it was so cute. Seth did his usual and fired a barrage of questions at me which as a father I'm sure I'm supposed to be able to answer, sadly I'm a Birmingham boy and still not that clued in on Shropshire yet. Luckily I nearly always have my best friend Google to hand to save me from any embarrassment when it comes to Shropshire trivia.

I had told Seth that maybe it was for transporting coal (being big business here back in the day) and luckily my BFF Google confirmed I was correct, giving Seth faith that I continue to be the oracle of random information. We didn't have long to Investigate the area but now I know it's definitely derelict we will go for a walk along there in the holiday. The track was the topic of conversation for the remainder of the evening and I'm sure Seth is already planning what will be going in to his adventure backpack and what him and his little sidekick will be getting up to.

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