Sunday 28 July 2013

"Doing science, Doing science, making things and breaking things"

I have written many posts about how amazing charity shops are, sorry this is another one of those posts. last Friday i decided to go on a long walk for a bit of exercise, i try and do this as much as i can to aid my healthy eating. I'm never going to have that hot wedding body otherwise. I power walked a good few miles and then decided to head to an area where there's a few charity shops before i headed home. I always check charity shops for books as the boys plough through them like they are going out of fashion (which of course is great). I walked in to my favourite of the shops in that area and was so glad i had ventured that way. Seth is science mad and his head is like a sponge for information. A few days before a local school had donated a lot of books to the shop and luckily i had gone out for my walk with my backpack on.

I managed to get thirteen great science and information books and even found Lemony Snicket's a series of unfortunate events book three as I'm reading book one to Seth at the moment, Cat in the hat (the movie adaptation) and a cute illustrated children's book which i knew Mrs M would adore. How much for i bet your wondering? 16 books for £1.50, and that is why i love charity shops so much, more than enough books to keep the boys entertained over the holiday. Stay tuned for a summer of science experiments.

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