Monday 22 July 2013

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."

When we placed our order with Cable and Cotton last week for a set of their beautiful lights I couldn't decide on where I wanted to put them for photos. I wanted somewhere that would really highlight how great the looked from the pictures on their website. Myself and Mrs M had spent quite some time playing with the create your own option on the website which is great but after lots of tinkering we decided to have their pre-selected Mocha Amour set, a relaxing mixture of browns, pinks and purples. we ordered the 35 light set and were really excited about them coming. We didn't have to wait long though because they were delivered within two days.

The weather has been so nice the last two weeks so I wanted to photograph the lights outside when they arrived, I had the idea of setting our tent up in the garden Friday or Saturday night for mine and Mrs M's date night, I thought a nice meal outside with pretty mood lighting would be lovely but as with many of our attempts at date night our little cuddle loving 2 year old took president and our plans were changed.

Last night though I decided to get the tent out anyway for a play in the garden so it gave me the chance to finally get the lights out and put them together. They really are beautiful and unique lights, each ball is hand crafted giving each one it's own character. They are easy to put together although a little to fragile for my liking being the heavy handed buffoon I am. It was quite clear from opening the box that once up they need to be out of reach of young children or they wouldn't last five minutes. It didn't take long to attach all the balls and after grabbing the extension cable I headed up the garden lights in hand. We pinned them to the tent doorway using hair pins (got to use what you can find!) and as the sun was setting we went inside and grabbed a pile of duvets, pillows, blankets and most importantly books. We all got tucked up and then I switched the lights on. 

These lights are truly amazing, very subtle and mood setting. I love how different they look on to how they are off and i think that mini ones would look amazing on a Christmas tree. The lights turned Opeie's already adventurous reading in the garden at night, in to something magical. As the light dropped and the night got darker the lights became warmer and more beautiful. They really made our reading session. Although I didn't get to use them on date night having them light us up while having a cuddle and reading to Opeie seemed so much more perfect.

To view more of their great products and colour schemes visit..

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