Saturday 1 September 2012

"a joke is a very serious thing"

A few days ago Seth brought up the subject of 'joke shops', not quite sure what spurred on the question but he wanted to know whether i had been in one and what sort of things they sell. You don't really see them about these days and there's nothing like that local so its not like i can just take Seth there. When i was younger there used to be quite a few about but i guess with the way the country is financially there's not much call for them.

I told Seth about devil bangers, guns that fire a 'BANG' flag (like the Joker), Plastic pooh, Whoopie Cushions, Glasses with springy eyes, chewing gum that has a mini mouse style trap in them, finger in a matchbox and Mexican jumping beans.

Speaking to my friend Chris at he was having a clear out and wanted to know if i wanted anything. He also said that while he was sorting some bits out for the charity shop he found some mighty beanz and would Seth be interested (quite bizarre i thought seeing as we had only been talking about them a couple of days before).

Well they popped over a few days later and brought the 'Beanz' with them and surprisingly Seth has hardly put them down. he is completely blown away by the fact they move on their own. I also learnt an interesting fact about Mexican jumping beans and the Moth Larva that lives inside (thanks Michelle).

Weve had fun trying to stack them on top of each other (we can only manage 3) and doing the tricks in the booklet which we failed at but we tried. Seth's favourite one is the Orca Whale. Now that he knows about the beans he wants me to find a hand buzzer like the Joker has and also a flag gun that says 'BANG'. So that's what i will be purchasing today.

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