Sunday 16 September 2012

"You can plan a pretty picnic but you cant predict the weather"

I'm a sucker for collecting things, its a little obsessive and and extremely compulsive i cant help it Ive always been the same. Today we decided to take the boys to Dale End Park for a picnic. We haven't done our 'big shop' this week yet so i had to pop to Asda to get supplies.

While in there i found myself venturing down the baby aisle (again) and a new drinking vessel for Opeie caught my eye. I had been in last week and brought some items from the i monster Nuby range and hadn't noticed the 'No Spill Cup' that compliments the other items, so it made itself into my basket along with the Monster cutlery Set which to be honest was a bit of an impulse buy.

I returned home and we packed our food along with the other Nuby items and off we went. Probably wasn't the best day to be going for a picnic as the ground was still pretty wet so inevitably we all ended up with a soggy bum. The new cup of Opeie's thank fully didn't leave him soggy, weve brought no spill cups before and they haven't really lived up to the hype but this one was the real deal which is what we need with Opeie as he tends to catapult things all over the place.

It was nice to spend some time together in the park and Aunty Lotty joined us too which was a lovely surprise. Had a bit of drama when our frizbee broke in half though, Seth got rather upset but we managed to calm him down by telling him that Grandad Gary could weld it back together for him. He'll have a good chuckle when he's older and reads that back.

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