Sunday 23 September 2012

"An adventure calls!"

Even when were just popping to the shops for a trivial thing I'm always on the look out for fun super hero items for the boys. Most days i come home disappointed but every now and again i'll find something interesting. We had to go and buy Seth some new trainers for school so we headed up to Sports Direct. Im not really a fan of sports shops but Sports direct sells some strange items amongst all the rubbish. Last year we got quite a few marvel tops for Seth, this year its all about Batman.

Batman takes up most of the boys time these days so these t-shirts were a great find, we also found matching batman t-shirts in mine and the boys sizes which i will write about when were all wearing them on the same day, plus we need to find Mrs M a fun Batgirl t-shirt so she doesn't feel left out.

I love dressing the boys as mini me's and they enjoy their super hero t-shirts too, these have definitely become Opeie's favourites at the moment and if he see's them in the clean laundry pile he will pull them out and hand them to us to put on him (very cute). I wonder what our next super hero find will be???


Anonymous said...

He looks so grown up
In the black tshirt x

Jonn said...

I love these shirts! I wonder if they ship to Finland?

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Maybe, they are from sportsdirect and I'm sure they ship worldwide. thanks for reading xx