Monday 17 September 2012

"it's not easy being green"

Today is our friend Chris's (gingerjamphoto) birthday. After his guest post it was obvious that we would be hunting down one of the missing Muppet's for his collection which was great because i get a kick out of helping people out with their collections. It wasn't the figure i wanted to get but i had no luck with that one! but there's always Christmas. So Clifford it was...

We were invited over this weekend to celebrate this joyous event which was great because i got to see some great people who i haven't seen for many years and we also made some lovely new friends. The theme of the party (if you haven't already guessed) was 'The Muppet's' and a week prior to the event myself and Mrs M decided to set ourselves a little challenge.

We were going to make Muppet's outfits/masks using only things that we can find around the house. We asked Seth who he wanted to be and he decided on Gonzo, I chose Swedish Chef and Mrs M chose Fozzy bear. Opeie would never have kept anything on long enough although i was going to make a Rizzo rat costume for him. Anyway here's what we ended up with...

Ok so they were a little rough but to be fair we decided to do it a week before but only started making them two days before the party.I'd like to say that no cuddly toys were harmed in the making of these but that would be a lie. They were always going to be living in the shadow of Chris's fantastic and very flattering Kermit the frog costume. Sadly Chris wouldn't walk to the park wearing it no matter how much encouragement we all gave him.

Their house, the food and of course the birthday cake was all in keeping with the theme of the day thanks to the very loving preperation by Michelle and might i add the Fozzy cookies were lush!

Tasty food, fantastic company and great conversation made a perfect day which clearly Chris (and everyone else) thoroughly enjoyed, but..... there was something missing, the one reason Seth really came to Fradley...
Down at the park Chris was snapping away so I'm quite sure there will be a second part to this post just for the pictures that he took, which is great because I'm hoping there is a picture in there of Chris's nephew Jenson who was dressed as the count and looked adorable (i didn't get a picture though). It was a great day and we had loads of fun.

And what sort of a Birthday party would it have been without one of Seth's amazingly drawn cards? Pure genius!

We feel very lucky to have such great friends and i can tell by Seth's "i want to go back and see Chis and Michelle" on the journey home that he feels the same. Thank you for the invite, the whole day couldn't have gone better. Happy Birthday matey xxxx


Chris said...

Thanks so much to you all for helping make Saturday a fantastic day!

Seth's card was awesome, you've got a very creative and talented lad there. Really great to see Opeie happy and giggling in the garden too. Presents was brilliant - I only just had time to open it before I left for work!

Your costumes were brilliant and I think Seth might become a new member of the Muppet fanclub - he kept telling me how Gonzo was his favourite.

Laura said...

awww Thats such a nice message. i want some of Michelle's amazing party food!!! Will you be having a christmas Soiree too? :) haha Laura x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thank you for inviting us. we all had an amazing afternoon. it was so nice to see Wendy and Michael after all these years and your sister,Cameron and Jenson are lovely. we really enjoy hanging out with you guys x