Tuesday 4 September 2012

"Dare to wear the foolish clown face."

Hello everyone its Seth, today im going to be talking about the Jokers Funhouse. i have wanted the jokers Funhouse for about..... from when we left Florida. When we were on holiday we went into a shop and i saw the Jokers fun house and mommy and Pauly said i could have it,but when we looked at it it didn't have a joker and it was missing some bits. mommy went and asked somebody in the shop is there anymore but there wasn't so i got 2 Lego sets instead one was Catwoman and batman and the other was Lex Luther, superman and wonder woman and his big robot.

Pauly said that when we got home we could look for it but we couldn't find it anywhere. On Wednesday this week we went to the toy shop which was smyths to look for something for William. I asked Pauly shall we go to the batman aisle first and he said we could. When we got there we found the Jokers Funhouse. i felt really really happy but i didnt think Pauly would buy it because i thought it was expensive. Luckily a few days before mommy had put some money in mine and Opeie's money box. i was hoping there was enough money in our money boxes to buy it.

Pauly didn't have his wallet with him so he had a clever plan to get the jokers Funhouse. we went home and Pauly got some money and went back to smyths i thought it wasn't going to be there anymore and i was worried. there was only 2 on the shelf and i thought someone was going to buy them but luckily they were both there. We looked for something for William as well but i couldn't find anything cool.

Then we went back home we took the Funhouse out of the box. Opeie tried to get hold of it. Pauly why does Opeie always do that? do you think he wants to join in and be involved? do you think we will finish the blog tonight? do you think my tooth will come out tonight? will you be shocked if it doesn't come out? Pauly what are you writing? (Seth started on a barrage of questions then so i thought i would just keep typing).

The Jokers funhouse is really cool, when i opened the front doors there was a red car in there which is for the joker to drive about in and find batman  and when he finds him he can put him in the jail in the funhouse of course. my favourite bit of the funhouse is the hammer that moves up and down so you can put batman, robin or superman under and squash them.

I asked Seth which he prefered, the imaginext funhouse or the Lego one i built him?

Hmmmmm......tough choice,  your Lego one because it has funky bits in. i like the table with all the weapons on and the imaginext one doesn't have many rooms, it doesn't have ANY rooms actually. but i do like the fisher price one because it goes with all our other batman stuff.

Id still really like the big Batcopter that i have seen and also Pauly would like the big Mr Freeze base which is really cool and i would like the Batboat too but I'm going to have to be really good.

Seth was so excited when we rounded the corner at Smyths and saw this, he literally couldnt catch his breath. If i'd have known it was going to be there i would have filmed his reaction. Weve been after this since March and it was the reason i eventually decided to build him the one out of Lego, which to be honest i actually think is better (and thats not just me blowing my own trumpet). Seth is getting so much more into the blog posts and before he had even finished this one he was talking about what he wants to write about next so please keep reading it really motivates Seth that people out there are interested in what he has to say. 

Seth were very very proud of you. x



Chris said...

What an awesome blog - the best yet in my opinion!

Captured the excitement perfectly and I couldn't believe that Pauly didn't take his wallet with him first!! Bet Seth was so happy going back and there still being one on the shelf!

Love reading and it's brilliant you got all his questions on there - Pauly what are you typing? (made me giggle!)

momma S said...

I agree Chris! THE BEST YET!!!!!!

Well done Seth Bear. Love Mommy xxxx