Saturday 29 September 2012

"When we are well, we all have good advice for those who are ill."

I hate feeling ill, i know everybody feels the same about it but its not just the pain, uncomfortableness and general feeling sorry for myself but also the being pretty useless around the house. Mrs M has been great though sternly telling me to cuddle up with blanket on the sofa and relax. I have to do as I'm told or she will get very angry. The worst part of feeling poorly though is the not wanting to go out and do things as i feel really guilty on the boys.

I did manage to take Seth to Tae Kwon Do this morning though. By the time we had got home i felt ten times worse. Mrs M is not feeling great today either and Opeie is very snotty and not himself. Seth is fine though and i suspect this is all something he has brought home with him from school (dirty dirty children).

Well it was obviously going to be a relaxing day in the house for us today so i asked Seth what he wanted to do. Seth likes to search the internet for Lego manuals and then get me to rummage through his boxes of Lego to find the parts. Its certainly a great way to kill time especially on rainy days as it takes such a long time. Mrs M always says that she doesn't know how i have the patience but im fueled by a smiley face at the end of it.

Seth finally decided on a Jokers ice cream truck from the recent Lego Batman range and it was clear from pretty early on that it was going to be a pain as we were missing some of the important odd shaped pieces so in great Pauly style i decided to botch it and make my own version of it...

Seth really loves the time we spend sitting together playing Lego so i try and make sure we do it as much as possible, it's difficult sometimes with Opeie around as he loves to destroy everything (today he sat on the Funhouse and it took me a while to rebuild it). I'm looking forward to him being a little older so we can all sit down together and build.

I love the way it turned out and Seth was a very happy little boy. We have the hideout and we have the transport but sadly we don't have a Joker Minifigure so i guess I'm going to have to buy one soon as we've been through the Minifigure box today and sadly there's no parts to make a custom job.

Whenever we build something together its always the little extra's, the finishing touches that really add to the build and after we finished this one, Seth flipped the ice cream round and inserted a grapple hook that he had found as he said it looked like a grapple launcher. He's such a clever boy.

Well not only was it a fun way to spend an afternoon in the house but it also kept my mind of feeling so rough briefly which was great. We got all our custom Batman figures out and the caped crusader battled with various villain's before letting them escape in their new vehicle. Apparently our next builds will include Harley quinn's monster truck and the Batcopter so watch this space...

...Until next time.


christian said...

great build,im a huge Lego fan and have been since i was very young. i wish my dad had have built things for me. i always played alone. have you considered trying to make a tumbler? i would love to see what you and seth come up with.

Viv (notts) said...

when are you going to make a batcave? myself and my son have been waiting patiently lol x

Pauly said...

So sorry for the slow response, I played Lego alone a lot too but I was always happy building. I always wanted to make robots. I did try and start a tumbler but we were getting frustrated by not being able to get the shape. Maybe we will have another go at it soon. Thanks for reading.

Pauly said...

Awwww....we will start one very soon. We do desperately need somewhere for Lego batman to live.