Sunday 9 September 2012

"Giving is true having."

Last week i heard some very disturbing news, there are two little boys called Elliot & Sam who love Spider-man but don't have any Spider-man figures?? how could that be i hear you ask? They have got a lot of great toys but it seems that Spider-man has managed to slip through the net. That just didn't sit well with me. I couldn't be having that and clearly i needed to do something to right this terrible situation. 

Mrs M has known Alice (Elliott & Sam's mom) for some time online and i have recently been talking to her a fair bit myself, she also writes a blog called mummy, not big milk thing which the boys get involved in as well mainly jumping on front of the camera and posing (which is what us parent bloggers need).

The Spider-man and friends pre-school figures will always be my favourite toys of the boys. I had them before the boys were even here and they were displayed proudly in my flat. I had quite a few duplicates of the figures so i thought i would send them.... erm... i mean i thought Spider-man could send them to Elliott and Sam. So he wrapped them up, in spider-man comic of course (he's so vain) and sent them on their way along with a lovely note (I'm actually surprised he could make time from his busy super villain fighting schedule but that's why we love him so much).

Well it seems that the toys went down very well, Sam's favourite was the Thing and Elliott favoured Wolverine who he said is apparently Batman (clearly I'm going to be needed again for more super hero education). I also sent mommy something too as she had been talking about Wonder Woman a few days before and it seems that the boys will be getting the Little People Batcave for Christmas.

I love sharing our toys for other children and its so nice when they are appreciated. I have a feeling our friend Spider-man will be sending another package in their direction at some point soon and im sure he is very happy about his new Amazing Friends.


Alice said...

Elliott and Sam are so thrilled with their new toys and we are so thankful to you for sending them to us "Spiderman" - Steve loved the wraping so much he has kept it!

The bath flutes have been set back to their rightful role in the bath tub and "Batman" was even snuck into Elliotts bag for pre-school the other day so goodness knows what he got up to while he was there.

These are such great figures for Elliotts age as he is still a bit full on with action figures and we already have a Dr Who with a missing arm!

Wonder Woman is AWSOME - very much my favorite especially as I love a woman with curves! I cant wait to pick up more of the range for Sam to send off to Father Christmas in December - fingers crossed the full range makes it across the atlantic by then.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

well ill have my fingers crossed for you. im really happy that the boys like the figures they are perfect for younger children and are still my favourites of all of our toys. The fact that they are so robust is great although Seth really takes care of his toys, Opeie on the other hand... well he just likes to see if he can get them from one end of the room to another with one throw.
You'll have to let the boys know that if they are good Spider-man may send more of the characters for christmas as i think they might be difficult for santa to get hold of xx