Tuesday 18 September 2012

"The smiles and cheer of little boys can be multiplied by wooden toys"

When we first found out that Mrs M was pregnant with Opeie my head was filled with idea's of all the toys that we would be playing with. When you have children if your anything like me you want them to be a scaled down version of yourself in a way. Obviously Opeie was going to get thrown into our world of super heroes and action figures it was inevitable.

Despite all of this the first toy that i brought him wasn't super hero related and it still surprises me to this day. Maybe it was the constant "your not introducing him to Marvel until he is at least 1"  from Mrs M. Or maybe it was actually common sense kicking in that young children need chunky safe toys with no small parts and cute faces as opposed to web shooting, shield throwing, steel clawed action figures (until he's at least 1 anyway).

 Ive always loved wooden toys, especially Seth's brio and Thomas trains. I had been in a shop buying Seth a John Crane train shed to go with his track when i spotted this toy and thought that it was very cute. i think we had only found out about the new addition that was on his way about a week before but when it comes to toys i needed to start early on.

To be fair Opeie hasn't played with it all that much but i think that's mainly down to the fact of the amount of super hero toys that his big brother has in his bedroom (oops). He always want's to be involved in whatever Seth is doing, whenever Seth gets a new toy it automatically becomes the must have item for Opeie.

Although it hasn't received the attention i had expected it will still be something nice for me to keep for him when he is older, although he may be a little more interested in the second toy i brought him (the Fantastic 4 and Super Skull which i will write about soon)this happened shortly after the purchase of the wooden toys when reality took over and i decided i needed to hoard as many action figures as i could.

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