Wednesday 5 September 2012

"Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold."

Every now and again in life someone does something really nice and it replenishes my faith in humanity. this morning i had a package that was sent by one of our readers. Mary is a mom to 2 daughters Abbi and Chloe and she wrote us a lovely letter telling me all about the troubles she has been having with her teething sweeties. I told her all about the Amber necklace that Opeie wears which we think has definitely helped.

After reading the recent post i wrote about opeies eating habits, Mary decided to send me a gift as i had mentioned about Opeie's back teeth coming through. I was genuinely touched, you really don't expect gifts from people you don't know but as she said in her letter "i love reading about what you all get up to and in a way i feel like we have been friends for many months" well we are certainly friends now. Opeie loves his present and it has certainly kept his attention off his teething for the moment.

I had mentioned in the post that i was interested in the Nuby teething ring that i had seen while looking about for suitable tableware for the little mess maker, so was quite excited to give it a try. We have tried Opeie with various different things but he's never seemed that bothered apart from Sophie the giraffe but this has worked great so far. Ive even given it a good chew myself on more than one occasion (well you have to see what the fuss is all about, i had Mrs M's milk in my tea and on cereal within a week of Opeie being born i guess intrigue just gets the better of me).

Well I'm very happy to have made a new friend and after the week we've had here its really put a smile on my face, couldn't have come at a better time. Mary has been thinking about starting a blog herself about the girls and life in general, I'm so glad i started this one as it will be something really great for the boys to look back on. So watch this space as i will be the first one writing about the blog and singing this kind readers praises.

Thank you Mary you have really made our week here and the teeth marks on each bead suggest a very preoccupied little boy.

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