Tuesday 25 September 2012

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

Today i decided that we should begin our Christmas shopping for the boys, were not going mad this year as the boys get so much throughout the year and to be fair i don't see the point in excessive spending for one day as many of the toys just get pushed into a corner for weeks. We also found that a lot of Seth's presents from the last 2 years have ended up on eBay as they didn't get the attention we expected.

We went to Smyths today and i brought a few things for Opeie and of course something for him to play with today (well it would have been rude not to). Id been looking at the Marvel Playskool heroes range for a while, their the Marvel equivalent to the imaginext. There is no where near the variety but after buying Opeie the Spider-man figure and plane today Ive got to say i think the quality is a lot better than the imaginext and cheaper in comparison to the batman range.

Although i love waffling on about the toy itself in my posts i know sometimes they might get a little...

... So after watching Opeie today and being reminded yet again how fascinating watching him play is i thought i would write this post about that. Seth didn't really get into action figures until he met me and Mrs M has always said that rather than play with things like that he prefered painting and play doh etc. Opeie does love to draw and always looks happy when he's sitting at the easel but when he's got toys/figures its so interesting to watch.

When Opeie gets a new toy he looks really intrigued and he investigates ever part of it, its lovely to watch. I remember being like that when i was a child although a few years older than Opeie. He really enjoys playing with anything where there is something you can put inside something else. Spider-man hasn't been able to make his mind up today whether he wants to be in or out of his plane.

Opeie would happily sit for some time with our box of Lego minifigures taking off the heads, legs and hats and changing them with other ones. He gets a little satisfied look on his face when he has re-built a figure its very cute.

The toy has gone down really well today, When Seth gets a new toy he loses interest pretty quick and moves on to something else but Opeie has had Spider-man in his hand from when we brought him around 2 this afternoon right up until he went bed, he's been on his high chair, in his weetabix, his mouth and in the bath but sadly he was shunned at bedtime and is now back in his plane. He has been very well played with which makes me very happy. We love Spider-man in this house he's like an extra member of the family!

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He is such a cutie !