Thursday 8 November 2012

'Holy talking Etch A Sketch Batman'

Just a very quick post, If you've been reading the blog a while then you'll know that i love a good charity shop and if i find something fun then you all get to hear about it (arn't you lucky). I popped into a charity shop recently to drop off some bits after having one of our de-cluttering sessions and i happened to spot a great find.

I love a good Etch A Sketch so finding a Batman one really made my day. When i got home i noticed a switch on the back, It talks as well. Amazing! Seth loved it.. Obviously. I think Seth would love ANYTHING with a Batman symbol on it. 

I wonder what i will find next?


Tamsin Leighton said...

This is fab! My eldest loves anything Batman too. Our Sunday mornings are often spent visiting car boot sales. Last week, my eldest got a remote control car that lights up for £1.50 and my youngest found a Ben 10 Omnitrix for £1! As they say, 'one man's trash, is another man's treasure' :-)

GiftsFromThePirates said...

to right! i love a good carboot or charity shop. I love that excited feeling i get when i spot something interesting. Im a big kid at heart. how old are your boys if you don't mind me asking? and do they like spider-man? Thanks for reading the post and leaving me a comment x pauly x