Monday 25 February 2013

A little bit of craft to break up the day...

Today while we were out getting our food shopping for the week we popped in to a couple of shops to get some Easter craft bits for Seth's school. We picked up some plaster of Paris chicks and bunnies for Opeie to paint which we got straight to when we got home. It meant that i could keep Opeie occupied while Mrs M made us a tasty lunch.

I can never work out whether its the actual painting that Opeie loves or just making a mess, he had used up most of the paint painting the plate before it hit the Easter decorations, he had a lovely smile on his face though so he was having fun.

I probably shouldn't find it funny but I'm always entertained when Opeie gets paint on him or food down himself, he has a mini panic attack and needs it off him straight away. So it was most important that i had wet wipes at the ready.

We finished the painting and Opeie had a well deserved snack break before moving on to his Batman sticker book.

Opeie loves stickers (or stickies). They usually end up being stuck everywhere but he will happy work a room sharing out his stickers making sure that everyone is well covered, he's generous like that. No to think of a craft activity for tomorrow...

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