Sunday 17 February 2013

Building on a larger educational scale with Triqo

A few days back there was a knock at the door from our VERY noisy postman, upon answering the door i got very excited at the outside of the box he was holding. I (i mean We) have been waiting for a delivery of new building material's to try out and this was it. If your a regular reader then you will know that we love building (with anything). When we first spotted Triqo I was really intrigued and Seth loved the idea of being able to make larger scale colourful buildings.

We had a brief play making small shapes so that we could get used to the pieces and the different ways we could attach them together but both me and Seth knew that we didn't what to waste our time making small things, this was a building material with pieces a lot larger than we are used to, we wanted to make something BIG!!!

Seth has come up with loads of ideas which i love, aiming high on the first build Seth wanted to build an arch for the doorway to his bedroom so we got to it sorting all the pieces in to colour order to make it easier for us. Seth struggled at first connecting the pieces but i have noticed that the more we have played with them the easier they connect, Seth's muscle condition doesn't help but he definitely found building with these more appealing than the smaller bricks that he is used to

It didn't take us long to make the arch, sadly there wasn't enough square pieces in this box but to be fair we did make it pretty big and there were loads of triangle pieces left in the box for us to make other things.

later in the afternoon we planned to visit Nanny and Grandad so we thought we would take our new toys to their house, The Triqo came out straight away and Seth informed me that next we would be making  a castle, Okay a castle that's doable, to be fair the pieces are so easy to stick together all you need is an imagination and the great colours and design mean everything you build looks great. We completed the castle in no time...

With plenty of time left to play we decided to make a parrot (for the 'pirates' of course) which I then wore on my shoulder while playing hide and seek, YAR!!

I've got a feeling that Triqo is going to be played with a lot, Seth is already talking about building things for the garden when the weather gets a little better. If I had lots more of this I would love to attempt a playhouse for the garden in the summer, the great thing about this is, its really doable and anyone could attempt a large build with this product with the greatest of ease, it was great to see Mrs M get involved too. 

I had some time to myself this morning so I had a play around with it. If you've got a good imagination and patience then there's no end to what you can achieve...

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