Tuesday 19 February 2013

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. "

Were doing our best to make the most of the school holiday and today we took the boys to Wolverhampton art gallery. A couple of days this week they have activities on for families. The event took part within the David Hancock exhibition: Cosplay. So in keeping with the theme of the exhibition the gallery had laid out a great selection of fancy dress items.

There was also some manga themed images for the boys to colour in, which they both had lots of fun doing and a big bowl of multi coloured plasticine for making models, Seth made a selection of monsters and robots and i made a vampire.

 The boys enjoyed the activities they had on but were both more interested in looking round the rest of the gallery. Seth loves taking in everything and Opeie is happy following his big brother around. They are so cute when they are together.

We didn't spend ages there, within a couple of hours we were all getting a little hungry so we headed back to the car to eat our 'car picnic' that Mrs M had lovingly prepared. Half term seem's to be flying by but we've still got some fun things planned for the rest of the week. Tomorrow Seth's friends William and Matthew are coming out with us so visit us again tomorrow to see what we get up to.


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