Sunday 17 February 2013

"But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold."

Ive said it many times, but having great friends means so much to me, they are the people that make up for the family that i am missing and for that i am forever grateful. Saturday was such a fun day, we had planned to visit our friends Chris and Michelle earlier in the week and after Seth had been to Tae kwon do we headed in their direction. Chris had mentioned an old fashioned sweet shop and also said the word park, two key words that are always going to get the boys interested in the days events. We had a chat and a cuppa when we got there and then headed to a park in Lichfield. The park was really busy which i thought might put Opeie off but the boys were really excited and couldn't wait to run about. Chris had brought his fancy camera so while me and Mrs M devised a plan for it to go walkies and come home with us Chris snapped away.

It's great having an extra two pairs of adult hands and meant that me and Mrs M could relax a little more than usual. The boys love Chris and Michelle which is great and they made the most of the extra playmates. Opeie said "weeeeeee" over and over to let us know going down the slide was his only agenda and Seth was happy dragging Michelle along behind him on the pirate ship.

We played pirates on a pirate ship, had a ride on a train, climbed some rocks, rode a skateboard on a rail and climbed to the top of a rope climbing frame, which Seth was very proud of (even if i did almost fall off). So all in all a fun packed trip to the park was had by all.

After the park we headed in to town to find the sweetshop, Seth enjoyed picking his pick n mix and Opeie shoveled down rainbow drops like they were going out of fashion. We all sat down and had a coffee and then headed to a toy shop that we had been to earlier in the afternoon. Seth got to spend his pocket money on a new Lego kit which we got to build as soon as we had walked through the door at Chris and Michelle's. After a lovely indoor picnic prepared by Michelle and some great conversation we headed home with two very sleepy boys.

We never did get that camera but were very thankful of the 300 or so pictures that Chris took, thanks guys as always we had a great day.

Check out Gingerjamphoto for Chris' take on the day.

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