Sunday 10 February 2013

Help us plan our Summer!

Hey! It's Mrs M here.

I've been thinking alot about getting out and about more with the boys this Summer, and have been compiling a list of things I'd like to do: A 2013 Summer wish list. Exciting hey?

Somethings on our list.

  • Seth wants to make some huge den's in the garden. (He wants to make a tree house but our tree is too puny)
  • Visit Windsor Legoland 
  • Throw a family BBQ
  • Go Camping with the boys to Shell Island and St Ives. 
  • Go hiking to a waterfall in Wales
  • Go camping near the beach for Pauly's Birthday
  • Visit Warick castle so Seth can see the knights
  • Play lots of cricket  for fun with the boys and our family 
  • Visit the theatre, can you recommend anything good for us to see? 
  • Have a big family picnic( after all we have so many Nuby products we can use ) 

 Seth is so excited about going camping! SO SO excited. Opeie on the other hand shouts ''Tent!!''
( which he learnt from Peppa Pig , when they get a tent too small and Daddy Pig has to sleep in the car) which leads me to ask... have any of you been camping with a 2yr old / 6 year old for a few days? Is it fun? Or is it stressful with two little ones? Can anyone recommend a tent for us??? One that doesn't take long to put up / take down / store?

Since we were invited by Lego to  Lego Manchester Legoland we've been so excited , and can't wait to go to the Windsor outdoors LegoLand attraction, have any of you been? What were your favorite parts for little ones? Did you stay in any of the hotels near by?

What are you planning for your Summer? I am so hoping for good weather as we really want to get into camping with children and share our adventures with you! Can you recommend any good campsites for families? I really hope you can share your experiences with us! 


Sarah Jenson said...

Hello! I'd totally recommend camping! We LOVE it, we have 3 children , 6yrs and 27 month old twins. Last year we went camping when the twins were around Opeie's age, and we stayed in a campsite just up the hill from Lyme Regis beach. It was slightly hard work, ( washing sandy feet down and cooking, ) but if you don't expect it to be like staying in a posh hotel, you'll be fine. Think of it as an adventure, and you'll be fine!!!!!

The tent we have is this one: it'sbrilliant.... ( quechua is a reliable brand too... no leaks)

have fun, and let us know how you get on :P


Rufus said...

Hello! Have you had a look here: , i love the look of the ones where you can add more rooms, we had a normal tent and i hated putting it away in the rain, so a pop up one would be good! Let us know how you get on! I keep nagging my wife, but she won't go for THAT VERY REASON! Maybe it'll swing it if she sees a make up artist wifey goin camping haha and ruffing it?

We will see?


Emma R said...

We used to camp at Forest Glade campsite ( it's beautiful and quiet but with lots of woods for walking and exploring and things for the kids like a little pool and games room.

We went to Warwick Castle in the autumn and Annie loved it, so much so we're going back this summer too (mostly because Ez wants a toy sword of his own like his sisters!!).

Sounds like you guys are going to have an amazing Summer, can't wait to read all about it x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I just had a look at that site it looks nice. Ill add it to our list of possibilities. you'll have to let us know when your going to warwick castle, we could all meet up and make a day of it?? xx

Rebecca Beesley said...

We have never braved proper camping - but i reckon the kids would love it. (A couple of years ago we stayed in a caravan at a holiday park, and i thought it would be worse than the lodge we were in the year prior to that but the kids found it so much more exciting because it felt more like camping to them). Legoland is great - it would be perfect for your aged kids. Most of the things we were able to go on when we went two summers ago snd it made a very memorable day out. Be prepared to get wet though as some of the rides get you very wet and there was also an outdoor water play area which we didn't get around to going in but it looked fun too. Your summer sounds fab - can't wait to read all about your adventures!

Lego Lover UK said...

How cool!!!! Are you going camping, or glamping? haha!

I really love the 'idea' of camping, wilderness, log fires, roasting a sugary marshmellow or two, sea breeze, but i doubt it's ever as good as you imagine?

We will see? Keep us posted!!! Also there are so many cool kids theatre productions.... Gruffalo, Tiger that came to tea, Ben & Holly, Milkshake TV, and outdoor ampitheatres!!!

Anonymous said...

It must be this cold weather as I am dreaming about the summer too! We are hardened campers and have an old VW van that we all squeeze in to when we go away. We love the Northumberland coast, but also frequently go the Lakes and North Yorkshire. There are some great campsites around the Whitby area, with plenty of things to see and do for day trips. We also like to go to a few family friendly festivals, Deershed Festival in North Yorkshire was a favourite last year, which is the first weekend of the school summer holidays.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Hey Rufus, ive been looking at those tents too. i like the idea of every year buying a new room until your camping holiday turns into livin it up in a tent mansion. the boys would love that. maybe one of the rooms could be a make up room, if your wife see's that it might just swing it. thanks for the comment.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks for the comment, everyone i know that has been to lego land has told us how good it is. where did you stay in the caravan? was it a nice place? thanks for the comment xx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

we missed the tiger that came to tea near us we didnt find out about it until a week after. im sure we will find somewhere interesteing for the boys though.
im looking forward to camping as i havent done it since i was young, im sure we'll write plenty of posts about it. thanks for reading.

Joshua said...

I second the decathlon web site! so much good stuff on there!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I'll definitely check it out there's one not to far away from us. thanks for reading.