Friday 22 February 2013

The little scientist gets a day out at Thinktank

We've all been having such a great half term and have managed to really make the most of it. Seth has decided recently that he's really in to science so we've been doing experiments at home. Yesterday we decided to take the boys to ThinkTank to fuel Seth's new passion and we were really pleased when auntie Lotty said she was going to come with us. We all love Lotty she's so much fun and yesterday was the first time Opeie said 'Charlotte' which was so cute.

 After picking Lotty up we headed to Birmingham, we were looking forward to having lunch at TGI's to start our adventure, Opeie had other ideas...

Typical Opeie, he's such a cutie though. Lunch as always was lush but in great Opeie style he didn't want to eat his. Lotty decided she was skipping lunch and went straight to dessert (my kind of girl).

After lunch (and colouring) we headed to ThinkTank and as soon as we walked through the entrance we were hooked, there was so much to do everywhere you looked. We really didn't know what to do first so after having a little wander about looking at fossils and a crocodile in the floor we asked Seth what he wanted to do and he decided he wanted to go to the 'Big bang Show'. The show was great with lots of explosions. I was so busy taking in what was going on around me that i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked.

  My favourite part was the old cars and motorbikes...

After looking out of one of the windows and seeing the outdoor play area the boys were itching to get outside and play so even though it was freezing outside we headed out to explore the activities.

After the play area we headed home, it was getting on a bit and we wanted to miss the rush hour traffic (didn't really work out though). We didn't manage to get round even half of Thinktank as there was so much going on so were going to buy a years pass and go again soon. Only 3 days left of half term i cant believe it's gone so quick. Ill be counting down the days till the Easter holiday.


Unknown said...

Looks fab!!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks for reading, it was lots of fun, was just a shame we didn t get to see more of it. gives us an excuse to go again though. x