Friday 15 February 2013

"To create something you must be something."

Today is the first day of Seth's half term and were all so happy to have him at home during the daytime, Opeie especially. It was a morning of craft today and we all had a great time. With Easter coming up our craft plans have all been Easter themed. Were concentrating on getting our new craft blog up and running ( at the moment so the completed items that we make will be on there. There's been lots of painting, cutting, sticking and drawing happening today, Seth loves craft and can happily sit for hours creating, Opeie on the other hand has the attention span of a rock but he's happy just playing while were crafting.

After lunch we decided to go and see nanny and grandad as Opeie has been saying 'grandad' over and over again this week. Seth and Opeie really enjoy going to visit them and I'm not surprised, their lovely people and always make such a fuss of the boys. We did some building with our new toys (I'll write about those on the next post), We played hide and seek, watched some family movies of Mrs M when she was a little girl (very cute) and we got to hear grandad play the guitar (while Opeie and Seth helped with the strumming).

...Oh and Seth got to dress up as a bee keeper in Nanny's fancy hat, so all in all an excellent first day to the holiday. Were going to pack as much as we can in to this holiday so be sure to keep checking in on us and be sure to check out the new blog to find out what we've been making for Easter, they will be up soon.


Katie mcgregor said...

I love this ! What a cute family

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thank you, the boys are beautiful but i guess everyone says that about their children haha. thanks for reading x