Thursday 7 February 2013

What's it really like when it's Snowingindoors?

Since writing for Nuby we've been given some really great things. But My favourite thing to have come out of the whole experience is new friendships. I've been chatting to a few great bloggers and today we we're lucky enough to get the chance to meet one of them or should I say three. Em, Annie and Ezra are the... Well I guess you can call them the stars of Snowingindoors. Both myself and Mrs M were drawn in to this blog from the start mainly because of the great pictures but also because Annie and Ezra looked like such happy children much like Seth and Opeie I guess.

After finding out they live near our beloved 'whole foods' we arranged the meet. So when we woke up this morning we were excited about our mini trip. Our high spirits were almost destroyed by motorway traffic but we eventually got through it and arrived only 10 minutes after we had arranged to meet. We were greeted by three very smiley people which is always nice. Annie very confidently introduced herself and told me how old she was and how old she will be next birthday which I thought was great. Seth is very confident around new people too its a really good trait for a child.

We sat and had a drink in the wholefoods cafe and had a nice chat. We've talked a fair bit online but it's so much nicer to meet people in person. And it's always nice to meet genuinely lovely people. Annie was great with Opeie and I think he was quite excited at the thought of a new friend. We told her all about the super heroes we love and in return she told us how much she liked Star Wars and that Luke was her favourite character. Gotta love our nerdy kids. 
We had decided prior to meeting that we would have lunch at Wholefoods, a perfect opportunity to use our Nuby products so we both turned up well armed. We all had a great lunch although Em forgot to eat hers as she was concentrating on the children, classic parenting move. The children were a delight. Ezra made us realise just how bad Opeie's eating is as he was happy munching down his food and Annie was making us laugh with some crazy talk, kids have great imaginations.

 After lunch Mrs M, Em and Ezra went to do a bit of shopping and i entertained Opeie and Annie at the play area outside of the supermarket. Annie is like a whippet and was running rings around me and Opeie. Opeie was really loving having an extra little person to run about with, he was really missing Seth as he does every day that he is at school. It made me realise how much i was looking forward to Opeie running about like that.

We had such a great time and i always appreciate new friends, were already planning our next meet up and apparently Annie is really looking forward to meeting Seth.

You can read more stories about Annie and Ezra at

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Rebecca Beesley said...

that is just such a heartwarming post. It is so lovely how 'blog life' and 'real life' can meet and it is just wonderful to read all about it. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

awwww.... thank you, it is nice to actually talk to people in person. Who knows maybe we will meet sometime soon. thanks for reading xx

Rock mom said...

That's so cool & sweet !!!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thank you, they really are lovely people and it was a fun afternoon x

snowingindoors said...

Thanks guys, it really was a fantastic day and I love the description of Annie running round like a whippet, very accurate ;) We're looking forward to doing it again and meeting Seth x