Monday 4 February 2013

Lego Monster Fighters, the crazy scientist and his monster, a quiet saturday afternoon.

We asked Seth what he wanted to do on Saturday after we got back from Tae kwon do, i think he was a little tired as he wanted to stay in and play. Worked out quite well really because Mrs M wasn't feeling at her best and i was secretly thankful of being able to stay in the warm. Opeie had had a rough night (Mrs M too) so it was only an hour or so after me and Seth got back that he dropped off for his (early) afternoon nap. As soon as Opeie was down Seth asked if we could build some of the Lego Monster Fighter kits which i had brought for my collection before Christmas but were still sitting in the boxes.

I asked Seth which one he wanted to build and he said the Lab, so out came the box and we cleared the table. I think Mrs M was quite happy at the thought of a quiet hour or two.

Although Seth prefers building from his imagination he really enjoys the kits especially when we sit down together to build. I think it's because he finds following the instructions fun every now and again. What i love about building with Seth is that he's a bit like me, when he see's a part thats an odd shape he will tell me all the things he thinks that piece could be used for.

The kit didn't take long to make (we are experienced builders after all). We both loved the lazer with the light up brick and skull in a jar. For me it was all about the car though, the vehicles from the range are amazing and are what nudged me towards buying them, that and the minifigures of course.

As with all the things we build, after we finished we went and fetched the Mini figures of us to include in the play. I became Frankenstein which Seth though was very funny and Mrs M conducted her experiments on me (so obviously Seth see's me as Mrs M's monster).

Ive still got three more of these kits to build but Opeie woke up soon after finishing so we all sat around and played with them to give Mrs M a bit more peace and quiet. After going to Lego Land Manchester this week and seeing the monster fighters haunted house again i am quietly obsessing about it again. Who knows maybe the Pirates will bring it to me for being such a good boy.


Bridget said...

That's very interesting Lego ! How unusual

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thats why i like them, its something a bit different for Lego. thanks for reading x

Anonymous said...

Did all the mini figs come with it?

Lego Lover UK said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!! I really want that kit! How many bricks does it come with? Is it heavy ? I love the mini figs!!! Awesome!