Tuesday 2 April 2013

"A hair in the head is worth two in the brush"

July 12th 2010 and Mrs M is waving a first response test about with a big smile on her face. We had only been trying for a baby for a month but thanks to my strong swimmers and a Mrs M's super eggs we were already on our way to having a baby. All sorts of things go through your head, there's so many decisions that you need to make and in many cases there is the disagreeing of the name. We were really lucky as that wasn't an issue with us. Once I had made it clear that his name wasn't going to be 'Gus' or 'Heath' (come on Mrs M!!!) then there was only one clear winner (my Opie), but Mrs M being Mrs M had to have the last word and decided to change the spelling of it, making it her choice I guess (waves fists in the air... although i am glad). There was something a little more pressing though for us to disagree on...

When I first met Mrs M and she introduced me to Seth i fell in love with him straight away, what an amazing little fella, but I couldn't understand why she hadn't seemed to have done anything with his hair? He was 3 years old and looked like he had never even had that mop trimmed. Mrs M was under the impression that he had 'cool surfer hair' but everyone when out and about assumed HE was actually a SHE. Not that that's an issue it was more the fact that it was all over the shop and he looked like he had Worzel Gummidge hair. So with this in mind you may have figured out that our more pressing disagreement was Opeie's hair (crazy really as he had only been growing inside the hobo hair loving lady of mine for about 4 weeks).

After much deliberation and some pretty stern words from Mrs M we decided that we wouldn't even consider cutting his hair for 18months and although that thought clearly made Mrs M uncomfortable (mainly because she likes to have full control of a situation) she went a long with it. It's not that I wanted him to have a really short hair cut, far from it but I wanted my boy to not look like a vagabond.

Well 18months as you can imagine went by like the blink of an eye and the hair issue was never brought up. I have grown quite accustomed to Opeie's ringlets at the back of his head and ill be honest the thought of cutting his hair made me a little upset. His luscious locks were part of him and I didn't want my little boy to change. It did help though that I think Opeie has quite a boyish face, plus with all the super hero attire it is clear which chromosome is featured in his biological make up.

Today Seth was getting his haircut as he really needed a tidy up, It's usually just the two of us when he goes but Mrs M thought it would be a good idea to take Opeie to get him used to the place and maybe have a trim himself as his fringe was in his eyes. We were both reluctant to get his hair cut but after Seth had stepped down from the barbers chair we ask Opeie if he wanted his cut to which he replied yes (this may have been mainly down to the Mickey Mouse cover that Seth had been wearing to keep the falling hair off). As both me and Mrs M frantically tried to explain that 'we didn't want much off' repeating ourselves as if we were worried she was going to give him a buzz cut I sat watching and if I'm honest felt a little bit nauseous. My little boy was growing up and now I could understand why Seth at 3 looked like a scruff bag.

Surprisingly the haircut went very well and apart from a brief moment when the hairdresser went for his fringe and Opeie had a mini freak out, Opeie really kept his cool. He probably only had a centimetre off at the back and an inch off the fringe, most people wouldn't notice but we know its gone. It's the start of our little boy becoming a bigger boy and its something clearly I'm just going to have to start getting used to.

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Laura G (Petit Moi - Big World) said...

Haha oh dear just reading down your post and my boy sees the photos and is insistent, 100% convinced, that the photos are him! Trying to tell him otherwise and he thinks I'm being daft.

We have hair issues, too. He's had his hair cut before, but it was too too short so since I've not really wanted it cutting again... but he's looking a little bedraggled, he has this Massive mop of hair and he's almost always being called a girl by strangers even though I think it's obvious he's a boy... oh it's so hard! I love his lovely hair but it needs trimming, just Not Tooo short this time!