Thursday 25 April 2013

"Ribbit, ribbit, a tadpole exhibit It's a transformation no one can inhibit"

A few days back I read a post over at snowingindoors about a visitor they had in the garden. It was some form of bug that they had never seen before and was unsure what it was so put it down to them discovering a new species, amazing I thought but why do we never get anything interesting in our garden? Well today I was proven wrong. After dropping the troops off at their destinations and pulling up outside the house. Opeie said 'baby rabbit', this is now part of Opeie's daily routine, we get home and go straight up to see the rabbits. We stopped at the kitchen first to get the veg peelings from last night and then we headed up to find a new friend had moved in.

Opeie got to have a stroke of all the babies and was running about excited. We hopped from run to run letting them out of their hutches when I spotted a pair of eyes popping out of the water in a bucket that was in one of the runs. The bucket was black and the water was a little boggy so i couldnt see what it was so i put my hand in to fish it out (yes i am either brave or stupid). Opeie's initial response was 'ewwww.....yucky' but as he walked away quickly he obviously thought about it again and turned around saying 'frog' and then decided to come and investigate.

We decided to call him 'Gerald' after Opeie's new favourite book, fingers crossed he's still there tomorrow morning.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

He's cute, and you'll be glad to know Annie approves of his name!

When we first moved in we found quite a few slow worms in the garden, felt properly honoured to see such gorgeous and rare 'beasts'.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Good good wouldn't want to upset princess Annie with poor name choice. He's still living I. The bucket we've been to see him every day x