Wednesday 10 April 2013

"Goonies never say die!"

In many ways Seth reminds me of myself when i was younger, he craves adventure and seems happiest when he's investigating forests and just generally being out and about. He loves being on his bike and is desperate for me to get and bike and for his stabilisers to come off so we can hit the open roads (or wooded ares until he's a little older). He's been this way since i met him but there has been a sudden surge since the reintroduction of probably my favourite movie of all time...

I used to watch this film a lot when i was younger and on rainy days indoors the only thing that stopped me putting it on over and over was my sisters wanting to watch either Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Seth has seen the film many times but since getting his BMX this week i think he feels like he's one step closer to getting his hands on One eyed willies treasure. There is definitely a big adventure for us on the horizon and there will be many a blog post on the lead up as ive been brimming with ideas. Seth likes to pretend he's data (he was my favourite when i was younger too) and really wants to start making gadgets, so im probably going to have to keep a look out for washing up liquid on the floor from Seth making homemade 'slick shoes'.

Today while Mrs M was at work we jumped in the car and headed down to Ironbridge in search of rocks, not quite the adventure that Seth had invisioned I'm sure but we needed some for a craft session coming up as Mrs M (aka the 24 hour weather channel) has warned us that the weather isn't looking great for the weekend.

Yesterday Mrs M brought Seth a magnifying glass and he has been using it around the house investigating everything. As soon a he knew we were heading down the park it was the first thing he grabbed and stuffed in to his coat pocket. He was hoping to find some bugs to look at but once we were in the park his attentions turned to tree bark...

Opeie was happy just following his big brother round like a shadow, hes started copying Seth so much more recently it's obvious how much he looks up to him and It's great  how close they are.

The detective worked continued for quite some time when Seth stumbled upon some broken wood, we stopped and had a little chat about what it could be and he came to the decision that it was an old broken battering ram. I told him to use his spy glass to look for markings but he informed me "no there isnt any, just bird pooh". Then we found some buried wood and he said he thought it was a secret underground bunker. Kids are great!

Opeie was desperately trying to get in to the woods so we let him do the guiding for a while. we ventured deep in to the woods when we came across a message from one eyed willy...  Luckily i speak fluent graffiti... erm, i mean pirate. So i translated it for Seth and explained that his treasure was near by but we will need to come back with a shovel so i expect Seth will be asking me to search the shed for it tomorrow.

At this point our smallest adventurer started to get tired so we took ourselves and our big bag of rocks back to the car and Opeie fell asleep five minutes after we set off. Seth now has his heart set on the ultimate pirate adventure so i need to start making plans very soon.

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