Sunday 7 April 2013

"If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on."

There's been excitement in the house over the last few days as the boys have new bikes, well Seth has a new bike and Opeie has a bike that's practically brand new and has been sitting in our shed since he was born as Seth never used it. I always loved tinkering with bikes when i was younger and im looking forward to the boys getting a bit older so i can start hunting for parts and build them their own custom bikes. Seth has been talking about wanting a BMX for quite some time so as the weather looks like its starting to get a little better (i hope i haven't just jinxed that) i started looking and found a nice little fixer upper for a mere £25. It was a little dirty and the decals were really naff but with a little elbow grease and Mrs M's magic 'goo gone' that we brought back from America we soon had the bike looking quite grown up.

I will at some point get him some more fitting decals or may even have some made for him but in the mean time i decided to have a look online for some fun low cost accessories so its a bit more Seth. I really don't like Mcdonalds, the food tastes awful and i have read more than enough reports and watched countless videos to know that there is a ridiculous amount of rubbish in the food, but while searching eBay for bike accessories i stumbled upon someone selling some happy meal toys from back in 1996 and although it pained me to spend money on a Mcdonalds product it was for Seth and i knew he would love them...

When i showed Mrs M what i had found she told me that her and Auntie Lotty had them on their bikes when they were younger. There's a batman mirror, Joker horn, storage case and a batmobile where the front comes off and its actually a bike bottle, genius! Well they arrived today along with Seth's stabilisers so when he gets home tomorrow I'm sure we'll be hitting the roads. He's going to be so excited when he see's his new bike and hopefully this summer the stabilisers will come off and replaced for the stunt pegs so i can stand on the back.

I decided not to post this until Seth got home as i wanted a picture of him riding it. Seth was so excited when he got home and saw his bike waiting for him in his room. We loaded the bike in to the car and headed up the road to the lake so that Seth could give it a test drive. Opeie is slightly to short for his balance bike making him unstable which was a shame but he was just happy getting to feed the ducks while we were there. I asked Seth what he thought of his new bike... to which he replied "i feel like one of the goonies!" Thats my boy.

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