Monday 8 April 2013

Little brother is watching you!!!

This morning we had to go and pick up our food shopping for the week which we do every Monday, while at Tesco we decided to have a mooch through the kids clothes as sometimes the supermarkets have interesting t-shirts for the boys. Seth seems to be growing at the rate of the Incredible Hulk at the moment and is growing out of everything really quick. We managed to find him quite a few fun t-shirts including a Goonies one which i am sure you will see crop up in our photo's over the coming weeks, but the boys were most excited about their new matching Ironman pyjama's. Even though it was just before lunch when we got home they both insisted on putting them on.

Opeie was feeling a little left out when Seth reached for his Ironman mask to complement his new attire so after dropping Mrs M at work we ventured to Smyths in search of a matching mask as Opeie just wants to be like his big brother. At bed time it was time for dress up again and they were both very excited, Seth started busting out his Ironman poses and Opeie did everything he could to keep up with his cool big brother!


Em @ snowingindoors said...

Those are some great PJ's might have to pick some up at the weekend with the food shopping, wish they did them in adult sizes though!
I love how Opeie is copying Seth and watching him in from behind his mask.

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I wish they did them in adults too, I'd love matching ones with the boys. Opeie is copying Seth so much more recently its adorable. I loved this pick he's always checking to see what Seth is doing first, Cuties x