Monday 29 April 2013

"Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins."

Opeie loves everyone that gives him attention, he's a very loving boy and is happy to dish out the kisses and cuddles. The one person that is sure to get his undivided attention though is 'Grandad', Opeie adores him. We have a great relationship with Mrs M's parents (Gary and Ruth) and we always love spending time with them. Grandad really interacts well with the boys but i always knew he would after the countless times Mrs M has told us about her childhood. A few days back they came round to see us, Opeie and Seth were reading on the bed and within seconds of me saying 'Nanny and grandad are here', Opeie had leapt up, shouted Grandad and ran to the door.

We had a good chat as we hadn't seen them for a few weeks but Opeie and grandad happily sat together reading book after book and trying on super hero masks. I think that this kind of interaction is so important and really forms a great bond.

Ive recently been let down and am really disappointed by my own dads lack of effort made towards Opeie, so having such a good relationship with Mrs M's family is really important to me. It's nice to know that The boys are getting the love and affection that they deserve from their grandparents. I think that Gary also understands why its me at home as the stay at home parent and that's really important to me. Both him and Ruth are always commenting on what great parents me and Mrs M are and thats always nice to hear from someone else.

Gary and Ruth have done so much for us over the years and i like to think that we have been there for them when they have needed us. It's important to make an effort with the people that care about you and it is something i will always make sure the boys fully understand.


Laura G (Petit Moi - Big World) said...

It's a real shame that you've been let down by members of your own family but it's wonderful there are others to make up for it. Family is what we make it and sometimes it can matter infinitely more than biology :)

My boy is so lucky that we live with my mum and her husband at the moment, he's got the best relationship ever with them. I just wish we were able to see my dad and step mum more as he doesn't know them so well.

Obviously I don't know you or your family other than from reading this but I'd think it's clear to anyone that you're a fantastic stay at home dad. I can't stomach those who think otherwise, my dad was our stay at home parent when we were all younger and why ever not!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks for your message, you would think in this day and age it wouldn't surprise anyone but what i hear a lot is a sarcastic 'so you don't work?' ridiculous really as if it was Mrs M at home it would be the norm. Its really great that you have a close relationship with your mom and step dad its so important. Ive unfortunately been lumped with family that cant be bothered or just generally have a bad attitude but i think it's just made me a better father as i know how not to behave.
Thanks for reading x