Saturday 6 April 2013

NaturePaint the Eco friendly way to home decoration.

If you have clicked on any of the 'Mrs M' links on my posts then you will know from her blog that as a family we try to be as eco friendly as we can. We're picky when it comes to the food we buy and we use products that have as little unnatural ingredients as we can find. We think its really important to limit the amount of chemicals that we come into contact with especially when it comes to the food we consume.

We're always looking for new products that fit in with our ethos, so when we stumbled upon 'NaturePaint' we were really interested in the product and the background of the company. Seth's bedroom needed refreshing so we decided to use Nature paint to paint one of his walls. After receiving a colour chart through the post we decided on 'Butcher's broom' and we were really excited about receiving it. We received it a few weeks back but decided to wait to paint his wall in the Easter holiday as the paint is non toxic and perfectly safe for both boys to use and we wanted them to get involved.

Seth was desperate to get painting the first day of the Easter holiday but we held off until a few days back. The paint comes in powder form which you have to mix with water which is great because it means it can be sent through the post. So while Mrs M was mixing the paint me and the boys taped off the walls and put sheets down. Seth then put on one of my old shirts and rolled up the sleeves ready for action. (reminded me of when i was in junior school and i used to wear one of my grandads old shirts for my art activities).

 I botched a DIY paint mixer to help Mrs M with the mixing.

 Seth had asked if he could paint some pictures on the wall before covering it so as it was safe for them to mess about with we gave them free reign...

We explained to Seth about the paint being non toxic and the first thing he said was "does that mean i can put my hands in it". Well who are we to stop a child's experiments...(plus we knew it was safe).

Seth's next question... i bet you can guess?? "can you eat it?" As i said before "Well who are we to stop a child's experiments...".

Obviously i didn't eat it and i wouldn't advise anyone to try it but when speaking to a representative of NaturePaint we were told that they also wouldn't advise it but if it was to be accidently consumed it would in fact be harmless. That's the thing that sold it for me.

Anyway back to the job in hand, Now I'm going to be honest, I'm not usually the pessimist but when i saw how much paint was in the bucket i was concerned that there wasn't going to be enough there to paint the entire wall. with paints we have had before we have needed to slap loads up for the coverage that we want but with NaturePaint the pigment is so strong that all we needed was a single thin layer of paint and then we went along and filled in any bits of white that were showing though. These i think were only showing through because of the quality of the rollers we were using.

I really don't say this very often but i have been genuinely impressed by this product, Its safe, the colours are amazing quality, you need a lot less of it compared to other brands and there was no lingering after smell meaning we were comfortable with Seth sleeping in his room that night. It only seems like something silly but at the end of our painting session the thing that impressed me were the tray and bucket we used, I love painting but hate cleaning these things when all the painting is done but when left, the paint drys and can be peeled off like paper leaving your trays and buckets clean and the waste is fully biodegradable, also the packaging is 100% recyclable. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

The end result looked amazing and really made the room, the colour is so vibrant and as i said before i was genuinely impressed and Seth couldn't wait to play in his new room. Its really got us thinking about adding a bit of colour to other rooms in the house. Our bedroom definitely needs a bit of a makeover, we're thinking maybe Damselfly it looked like a great colour on the colour chart.

If your also worried about toxic chemicals or just want to make a safe environment for your children then i would definitely recommend this product its opened our eyes to worry free decorating.

To view more of their great products visit their website


Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

I love that colour, it's fantastic. It might not be toxic but I've seen what happens when a child eats tinsel - I can well imagine what happens if someone eats green paint!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Just to satisfy my own curiosity, what happens when you eat tinsel? x

Blinds said...

It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely. I love the way the people here interact and shared their opinions too.