Thursday 25 April 2013

"He didn't talk words - he went Boing Boing! instead!"

I've said it so many times in posts but Opeie is a bookaholic, he goes through books like they are going out of fashion and can quite happily sit in the nook of my armpit and have 10-15 books read to him one after another. Although he does watch TV occasionally he would definitely choose books every time if given the option. His most recent favourite book is Gerald McBoing Boing by Dr. Seuss.

The book is an adaptation of a short movie made back in the 50's which I also managed to track down and he loves too. The story is about young Gerald McCloy who when learning to talk at the age of 2 doesn't speak words he goes "Boing, Boing" instead and his crazy noises develop over time. It is a great story and something a little different, although the father in the story would definitely benefit from going on one of those government run parenting courses.

The rhyming is amazingly written which you expect from the good Dr. and although Opeie can't read the book himself the still manages to finish off the lines as I'm reading because we have read it so many times. He's always quick to jump in with the "Boing Boing instead" before i get to say it. I hope his love of books continues as its building good structure for his reading as he develops.

Here's the short movie if your interested in having a look...

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