Saturday 27 April 2013

"There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed."

Do you ever have moments that question your own parenting? I know I'm a great dad, I think as a parent if you can't say that then there is something seriously wrong with your relationship with your children. Despite this there are times like last tonight when I question wether it should be me at home with the boys.

After picking Seth up from school we got home and did the usual messing about and general boy time playing that we do. Then it was tea time so I asked Seth to entertain Opeie while I started the food. Opeie as usual was very hyper because his brother was home. He came in the kitchen to see me and we had a cuddle and then he asked to get down so he could go and see his brother. He walked off and within 20 seconds there was screaming from the lounge. I dropped what I was doing and ran to the lounge to find Opeie lying on the floor and really distressed with blood in his mouth, my heart sank and I felt really sick. I picked him up to make sure he was Okay and asked Seth what happened, he had walked into the lounge door while drinking from a bottle and obviously cut the inside of his mouth also his top lip was really swollen. He was really shook up and every attempt I made to calm him down failed miserably.

This was the first time I had been at home alone with Opeie when he had hurt himself and I felt awful (was this my fault?). In previous situations when he has had an accident Mrs M has just got her goods out and he's had some milk instantly calming him down but unfortunately I am ill equipped for such situations rendering me the obsolete parent. So should I be the one that gets to be the stay at home parent?

Seems stupid now as I write this what was going through my head but it was almost like I felt like this one little accident was going to undo all of the great parenting I had worked so hard on prior to this event. I guess that some of it is down to some serious insecurities that I have but I feel like the fact that I'm at home with the boys instead of Mrs M I'd frowned up on by a lot of people so sometimes I feel like I am being watched more carefully (I know, the Ramblings of a crazy man right?). Mrs M knows what a great dad I am I always put them first so I shouldn't really be questioning that. And once I had calmed down a little and logic kicked back in I realised that you can't be watching your children 100% of the time it's virtually impossible, you just need to minimise the hazards around the house as a deterrent.

Well he didn't calm down properly for 40 minutes. It was clear what he wanted and as I said before I was unable to offer him those. But it was time to pick the boss up from work and as we got in the car i think he realised that and began to relax a little. As soon as Mrs M saw him she went into stress mode but gave him what he was after and he was a different boy. Some swelling went down soon after and the little stunt man was back to his almost usual self. Just goes to show there's nothing better than momma's produce. I guess i need to get used to these trips and falls, i can't stop them all and i think i need to come up with some new distraction tactics, either that or grow a pair of breasts!!


Em @ snowingindoors said...

I'm glad Opeie was ok, it's horrible, that first bad fall they have. Annie's resulted in a split lip and Ezra's gave him a nose bleed and I never forget how guilty I felt about both of them. But you're right, you can't watch them all the time and if you did you'd end up like Marlin in Finding Nemo (guess what we watched 4 times this week!).
Now you just need to work out how to grow some boobs and you're set ;-) xx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I'll look into the boob thing but I'd have to but a whole new wardrobe so I'm unsure. I did feel so guilty and his lip is still swollen now two days on. Poor little thing. Xx