Tuesday 23 April 2013

Super baby Vs the deactivated rockets

As much as I love cleaning the house and doing the washing, after dropping the boss off at work and Seth off at school I had a good think about what me and mini me could do for an hour or two to keep us out of the house (and out of trouble). I wanted to do something inexpensive as we're saving at the moment so after weighing up our options I asked Opeie if he fancied having a look at some planes, he excitedly said 'yes'.

Cosford RAF museum isn't far from where we live and all you have to pay is parking. I've been before and although it really isn't my cup of tea I thought it might be something a little different and something Opeie might enjoy. To start with though Opeie had other ideas and on the drive there he decided to get some shut eye. It worked out well though because by the time we arrived it wasn't open for another 40 minutes.

He woke up soon after opening and we headed in, I wasn't sure how he would react to seeing the big planes but he seemed excited at the thought and as soon as we walked through the doors he was hooked. The first thing he spotted was a cardboard cut out that he said was "silly". Just past there were the doors to the outside, He loved the large planes that were out there.

After looking at the planes out side we headed to the cold war exhibition and nothing could have prepared me for the level of excitement that was brewing. Opeie at the moment loves rockets, if its a similar shape to a rocket, then its a rocket, if hes running fast hes a rocket, when hes shouting out 'super baby' with his arms out, he's a rocket. I really cant remember why it all started but rockets are definitely flavour of the month. So when we walked in to a room full of missiles Opeie was in his element and wasn't afraid to make it vocal.

This little rocket is apparently called 'baby rocket'

We walked around for quite some time and the little rocket enthusiast was really taking it all in. Opeie was in one of his clingy moods but selfishly from a smitten dads point of view i like days like this. Lots of kisses and hugs for me (I'm so greedy) and a boy that doesn't want to let go of me, whats not to like?

Opeie was really having a great day and it was putting a huge smile on my face.

After going round this exhibit twice (i think Opeie was worried he may have missed something), we headed over to the next hangar. When we stepped outside the weather was beautiful and made the afternoon so much nicer. I'm really glad the weather is finally starting to perk up it makes me want to get out more and be doing things.

There was plenty more planes to look at in this hangar but Opeie had clearly got a taste for rockets and wanted to turn around and head back to look at them. I love that he has got to that age where he is in to everything. It makes days out so much more fun and its great how now he can really get involved with me and Seth when were playing, this though is probably making Mrs M's craving for a little girl harder as her little baby is becoming one of the lads.

Coming somewhere like this when i was younger wouldn't have been my idea of fun and as i said at the start of the post it isn't usually my cup of tea but having my excitable little boy with me made all the difference. We were only there for 2 hours but i had a great time and its left Opeie with an even stronger need for rockets

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