Thursday 11 April 2013

"Leave no stone unturned."

Our main objective when going to the park two days ago was to find a big bag of rocks for some craft fun, Today was a bit gloomy and cold so after dropping Mrs M at work early we headed back to make use of our findings. I had given them a good scrub in some soapy water yesterday so they were nice and clean for our creative session. The plan was to paint them (which i think i did when i was younger at school) so in preparation we went to Hobbycraft yesterday to buy some Acrylic paint and some new brushes.

Seth was excited about letting his creative flair run wild as always and the mention of the word 'paint' is always going to put a big smile on Opeie's face. I started to get everything set up and Seth wasted no time and ripped the brush packet open and began his masterpiece. I like to draw on mine so i know exactly where the paint is going, Seth takes a more spontaneous approach and just gets stuck in, and Opeie.... well, he likes to pretty much throw the paint at whatever he's trying to create. Three different styles yet the outcome is always amazing with a lot of love and effort put in.

Inevitably after about an hour of painting the boys started to lose interest and wanted to do something else. Seth, still feeling in an artistic mood decided that body painting was his next venture and decided to paint his own hand. Opeie?.... Well he decided to throw a little tantrum because i wouldn't let him walk around the house with open paint pots and a brush that was dripping red paint. Needless to say after ten minutes of crazyness they were back to their calm selves and helped me clean up.... yeah right, they went and watched the Lorax while daddy cleaned up, I'm such a pushover.

The whole activity lasted about an hour to an hour and a half but that was mainly because as we are three men, three impatient ones at that, after every layer of paint i sat and dryed them with mommies hairdryer which skimmed off some of the frustrating waiting time. My favourites at the end of it were Seth's purple and green incredible hulk and Opeie's multicoloured tie dye effect rock. When i asked Opeie what he wanted me to paint he said 'Spider-man' and 'The Lorax' (bet you didn't see that coming).

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