Wednesday 3 October 2012

"All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much."

Today is Mrs M's birthday, despite her plea to celebrate it next week as she "doesn't feel ready to be another year older"? Me and the boys have been busy making cards for her and generally getting excited as we always do when its someones birthday in the house. Seth wanted to get her a poison ivy costume as that's what he call's her because she loves plants. were all named after batman characters to Seth and so are our friends. I knew Mrs M wouldn't wear the costume mainly because its basically a green leotard and tights (not a great look). So we decided to have some necklaces made by Tatty Devine as Mrs M is a HUGE fan of their jewellery.

We had the Spider-man one made from Opeie as he is Spider-man obsessed (if you can remember my previous post) and the Batman one from Seth as he talks about little else than the caped crusader himself. Also i thought the Batman would be nice as me and the boys have matching Batman t-shirts and now Mrs M can be a part of that. The necklaces went down a treat especially the Batman one but i think Mrs M would wear most of the items from Tatty Devine she loves them. I do love the way you can have personalised jewellery made online and you can see the item online before you buy it.

Me and the boys were going to bake a cake but due to all the dietary issues that she has because of feeding Opeie and his allergies Mrs M requested a birthday flapjack so when Seth got home from school last night we got to it and made some very tasty Cherry raisin and pecan flapjacks.

As i said at the start of the post we have been very busy making cards for Mrs M and this joyous occasion. Me and Opeie came up with a dear zoo card as it is Opeie's favourite book. He had lots of fun rubbing the glue stick all over the table and throwing the foam letters around (i think that's called being creative).

And Seth surprise surprise wanted to cut out super heroes and use those and of course draw a lovely picture of mommy. I especially like the the size difference between her boobs (its enough to give a lady a complex) he was going to leave them uncoloured but i pointed out that it would look like her boobs were poking out of a hole in her dress. Although it did make him laugh for a while he decided against it.

It's Mrs M's dads birthday today too which i always think is lovely that they get to celebrate it together, so we had a lovely visit from him and Auntie Lotty who brought lots of lovely presents. The boys loved spending time with them too, especially Grandad Gary as he got into playing Batman with them which i loved to watch.

Mrs M had a great day and if it wasn't for all the work she has on at the moment i think she would be having a nice relaxing evening, just us. I'm quite sure that at some point soon ill give her feet a rub which i do most nights and maybe if she's lucky ill paint her nails. I love being able to make an extra bit of fuss as she is so good to me and the boys  and really is the most amazing person i have ever met. Along with Opeie and Seth she is my best friend and i would be lost without her.

Happy Birthday Baby  x x x


Anonymous said...

That is so so so cute! Lorna. x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

thanks for reading, well you've got to make a fuss of mommy havent you. xxx

Lego Lover UK said...

i love this!