Sunday 7 October 2012

"cant stop long ive got lots of work to do today! ive got the supermarket checkout,the icecream stall and the bus drive..."

Ive been meaning to write a Peppa pig post for a few weeks but wasn't sure how to start it until a couple of days ago. Opeie has a habit of getting to the tills at Asda and going mad for the gift cards mainly because recently they have had ones with Spider-man on, this shopping trip was no different except this time it was a Peppa pig card that he had spotted.

I feel a little guilty sometimes that Opeie doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to toys in the house, it's all super heroes and action figures. A few weeks back we were in a shop when Opeie spotted a Peppa pig colouring book and did the usual arms stretched out as far as he could mixed with a series of grunts to get his hands on it. As we were just round the corner of Toys R Us we decided to take him in to get a Peppa pig toy. Opeie watches it a fair bit and its only fair that  he has something he loves rather than selfish me loading up on toys i love. So we brought him a camper van with accessories and luckily there was an offer on so we got a car and extra Peppa figure for free.

I'd love to be able to say he plays with them all the time but sadly Peppa and her family don't get anywhere near as much  attention as Spider-man, Batman and the Star wars figures. So maybe i was doing the right thing with all the Super Hero stuff. I'm sure Batman and the rest of his team can make use of the Camper van though. Everyone needs a break, after all they cant be avenging Gotham 365 days a year.

I was considering buying Opeie some Ben and Holly toys but Ive got a feeling they would go the same way. Opeie is currently walking round the house holding the Riddler's car wearing batman sweatbands so i think its safe to say he's a super hero fan through and through. 

Mrs M will probably be happy that this means it wont be another collection ill be starting. Also if we did have more of the collection me and Mrs M would be fighting over Miss Rabbit because lets face it, shes amazing.

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