Monday 29 October 2012

'Watching a little more time pass by from the drivers seat'

Well here I am sitting in the car again waiting. Opeie is asleep and Mrs M is getting her hair cut and all I have to look at is a peach coloured garage door. I'm living the dream. I did pick my DS up to keep me occupied but i switched it on and it died. So glad i had my phone so i could at least write a post.

It's Seth's birthday this week which is very exciting. He's feeling a bit anxious though as we have told him we haven't got round to getting his presents yet (yes we're meanies). The truth is we've had Seth's birthday presents sorted for 2 months, we've also got all his Christmas presents sorted too, we're very well organised this year.

We offered Seth a party to celebrate but he said he just wants William to come over for a sleep over and he wants to go on an adventure somewhere so that's what we have planned.

It's crazy to think that another year has just flown by, and Seth has changed so much since being at school. Thankfully he is still the overly affectionate boy that he always has been. I think we'll all be upset when he inevitably stops asking for cuddles every 5 minutes.

I feel so lucky to have the boys and Mrs M in my life they really are my best friends. They are the three people I can always rely on. I would be lost without them. They can always rely on me to be there too but that's usually because i can be found in the car waiting patiently for them!

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