Saturday 20 October 2012

"The man who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it."

We haven't sat down to play Lego for a week or so and Seth has been dropping hints for a Batboat for quite some time. He wasn't with us on Wednesday night and was at school during the day so i thought i would get going on the build. Firstly for some reason i don't enjoy building boats, i don't know why but i felt the same about them when i was younger too. But... My boy wants a Batboat so a Batboat he shall have. Worked out well anyway as Opeie needed entertaining while Mrs M was working from home and he LOVES playing with the Lego.

I cheated a little and used the basic shape of the Lego city police boat that my dad had brought Seth for his birthday last year. I really needed it as a starting block. It actually turned out a lot better than i thought it would. It has a couple of cell's on it for the bad guys which Seth loves (everything batman that we build has to have somewhere to put prisoners). To finish the build off i removed the Lego police stickers from the base and replaced them with some batman logo stickers from some sticker books that my friends Craig and Nicola had brought for the boys when they came to visit during this summer, so thanks guys.

Half way through the build i needed a piece that i had used on the Jokers fun house we had built and when i was getting it down off the shelf i knocked one of Seth's vehicles that he had built off, which i felt really awful about. As Mrs M and Opeie were both in bed fairly early that night i decided i would build something else to say sorry so i got to work on a Joker Helicopter. I was up building till about 12:45 Oops, but managed to finish it so i was very happy. Once he had seen his 2 new vehicles he completely forgot about the one i had accidently broken, i just a bit gutted that i hadn't taken a picture of it for the blog.

I told Seth i was writing this post and he asked me if i would include his baddie get away car that he had built as he was very proud of it and also a Batplane that we had started to make a few weeks ago but haven't got round to finishing yet so here they are...

Seth loves seeing the things he has built on the blog and i love putting them on there. I do think all these vehicles i have been building though is just me avoiding starting the inevitable Batcave build as i know its probably going to end up taking me a while to get finished.

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