Saturday 13 October 2012

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges."

This weekend has been very special for me and Seth. After all the nagging from us Mrs M finally caved and sat down and played Lego with us. It was only brief but she did it and that meant a lot to us both. Mrs M is not a big fan of Lego, she hasn't got the patience for it, she cant stand the sound rummaging through a box of Lego makes and most of all i think she finds in virtually impossible to sit still for a long amount of time.

Seth decided that he was going to set her a challenge and if she passed the first part (a mini build) then she could move up to the next step, a larger scale build. Did she rise to the challenge?? well the Mini build was going to be a police car. The Gotham police always need an extra vehicle at hand for chasing down goons or arresting the various super villains so Seth's choice made sense.

To start with i think Mrs M was lacking the passion and wanted her Lego experience to be over pretty rapidly. Clearly Sgt whatever we are calling him is lacking a seat, theirs no gear stick (we must have 100 of them) and the reason there is no doors or an entire back for that matter is because apparently this is a convertible. Not wanting to make the activity easy for Mrs M as Seth was loving Mommy playing Lego i pointed out that there wasn't much room in this so called police car. So i asked what would happen if his partner was disabled (say he had had a run in with some bad guy, but insisted on going back out on the beat), You've got to think of everything when playing in Lego city and the Lego PD would never discriminate against anyone. Like i said i like to make things difficult, But where would he put his wheelchair...

Well Mrs M simply said she would add a ramp, doesn't really fix the space issue but she came up with something so that was great, I think secretly she was getting into the Lego building. Mrs M then decided that the police may need to use the police van for transporting Christmas tree's (Mrs M loves Christmas). I guess times are hard in Gotham and the police are all having to get second jobs now to pay off protection rackets etc.

Turns out that Sgt whats his name wasn't really great at his job though as 5 minutes later Mrs M decided that the Christmas tree caught fire...

I knew that she would get into the building eventually and Seth found it all very amusing. Although the van itself wouldn't have passed Seth's mini build first round the Story telling certainly did. That's what mine and Seth's Lego building is all about. The things we build aren't just models to look at, they are used in our Lego play and Seth loves making up stories for the characters so were really proud of Mrs M even if she did have to burn a Christmas tree to get our acceptance.


Mrs M just read the post and apparently it wasn't Sgt whats his name's fault with the tree the Jones' at number 14 hilltop avenue left their fairy lights on. Well that told me!!!

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