Monday 29 October 2012

"It's Halloween at the house of spooks, Ghost's and goblin's have us shaking in our boots"

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween itself, i don't agree with going round knocking on peoples doors scavenging for things that rot your teeth. I'm always shocked by the amount of small children that knock our door that arn't accompanied by there parents. I find the whole thing a bit concerning. To be fair i have an issue with ANYONE knocking our door that isn't expected, Door to door sales, Charities (we give plenty throughout the year at our own choice) and especially religious callers (i don't have any problem with belief i just don't want to talk about it on my doorstep).

Another thing i don't like about Halloween is children walking about with daggers with blood on and other such props. Although Seth wanted one i didn't think it was appropriate to give our 5 year old a blood covered Machete. I'm quite sure its not just me being boring, If you read the blog regularly then you know i could never be branded boring, we just have certain standards when it comes to our children.

Anyway all that said, i do love dressing up and this weekend we had a great excuse to do such that. We had brought tickets to Ghostly Gaslight at Blists Hill not far from ours. We asked Seth what he wanted to wear but during the day it got really cold so we asked him if he would just like his face painted but sadly he didn't as he said it makes his face itchy. He wanted to be The Hulk and wear his mask. We had brought tickets for our friends Chris and Michelle too as we thought it would be a great place for Chris to take some photo's for his blog too, plus we love spending time with them.

Well the spooky festivities started when Chris and Michelle arrived, they brought the boys some ghost and skeleton lollies from thornton's, very cute. We didn't have much time but i let Mrs M have free reign and do her thing with my face and i think she did a great job with the 20 mins spare time we had before leaving the house.

We got to Blists hill and it looked amazing at the entrance, dark and eerey with thick smoke filling the air. There were some great costumes and the people that had come to enjoy this night had really made the effort.

Mrs M and Opeie hadnt come with us and once there i was really glad as Opeie wouldn't have liked it one bit, plus it was a very very cold evening. We had a good potter about taking in the Sites. The shops were open and the shop staff were all dressed the part. I especially liked the drunken zombie looking fella in a shop window and Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hydes pharmacy.

Seth wasn't a fan of the pharmacy, while we were in there there was a VERY load scream from a little girl that was having her teeth pulled out by a mad dentist. Ive never felt seth squeeze my hand so tight. He just looked up at me and said 'can we go outside please' in a very soft voice.

Unfortunately that had a bit of a knock on effect for the rest of the night. Seth didnt really want to go inside any of the buildings from that point and understandable i guess, he is 5 after all. From that point he aslo wanted to be sitting on my shoulders, i think he felt safer up there.

The way the buildings had been lit up was great, unfortunately myself and Chris being the pair of photography amateurs that we are we spent a fair bit of time messing with our cameras to try and get decent shots. i took a few pictures and because of the flash it looked like we were out in full sunlight. Obviously i wont be adding those to the post.

It was such a cold night so we went off looking for somewhere to get a nice hot drink. While Chris and Michelle went off to get us some hot chocolate i spotted a family and the dad and son had some pretty impressive home made proton packs so i had to get a picture. It did make me chuckle when i asked if he'd mind and he backed up to his wife and said 'would you mind switching us on'. He was a very nice chap, the pictures don't do them justice though as you cant see all the flashing lights.

It was an interesting place to look around but having never been there before i think i would probably enjoy it more during the day time so ill definitely take Opeie there one of the days for a look about. At least i know the photo's i take will be Ok during the day. While walking about we did start noticing some badly done touches and a few of the staff that didn't really look like they had made the effort. We found one of the buildings quite amusing as it looked like they had just pushed a TV against the window and was playing a video of an apparently creepy man. Michelle made me laugh making some comment about those TV'S that were popular during victorian times.

Seth had been to Ghostly Gaslight before and wanted to show us where there was a coconut shy as he wanted to win a coconut. So we all had a go on that, Seth was close but no luck. I managed to knock off two but was very disappointed to find out that there were no prizes. How rude!

Well I'm glad we went, as i said it was interesting to walk around but sadly it did lose its appeal pretty quickly and after the coconut incident i think Seth just wanted to head home. We did get some great pictures though thanks to Chris. I think the most disappointing part was not getting any decent pictures of Chris or Michelle to include in the post.

Well we headed home and i could see that Seth was getting very excited as he had opened his birthday presents early from Chris and Michelle and he really wanted to play with them before going to bed. But i will leave the contents of their packages for another post as im quite sure that Seth will want to write the post about them.

So until next time don't forget to check under your beds before going to sleep, and Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

Amateur photographers? PAH!

Jack said...

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!