Friday 5 October 2012

"A few days in space. What's the worst that could happen?"

A few weeks back i wrote a post about the first toy i ever brought for Opeie, it wasn't super hero related (which still surprises me) but i also wrote in the post that the second toy i brought him was, so i thought i would write about the first 'Super hero' toy i did buy him (or toys even). Ive always been a huge Marvel fan, if you have been reading the blog for a while then you will know as it comes out in my posts quite regularly. Apart from the obvious 'Spider-man' the first toys had to be something well known, something when introducing to him i can back up with Tv shows to get him into them. Ive always loved the fantastic four so when i spotted these i knew i had to have them for my yet to be born little boy.

I had the intention of starting a Marvel Legends/Universe/Select collection for Opeie for when he is older but apart from Five figures other than theses i have been pretty much taken over by all the other toys ive been collecting. I will at some point knuckle down and start getting my hands on as many of these as i can as i think if Opeie is still into super heroes when he is older then they will be a great collection to own (i would have loved them when i was younger). If not then i will display them myself.

Opeie wont be able to play with these for quite some time because of the small parts that could come away. Plus i need to build him up with the cartoons and fill his little head with all the super hero information that Seth has soaked up over the years. Ive got a feeling that Opeie might be more into it than Seth (if that's possible) as Opeie will be with me all the time. It's a huge thing in our house and something you cant get away from. If you come to visit then you end up playing with the toys thats just the way it is here.

I often wonder to myself where are we going to put all these toys when the boys get older as i wont be getting rid of them, i will probably continue adding to them for them to pass on to my grandchildren hopefully. As i have said many times before im looking forward to one day being 'cool grandad who's got lots of toys'.

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