Sunday 21 October 2012

"Jelly flood, Jelly flood"

This afternoon Mrs M had some work to do at home and needed a bit of peace and quiet. It can be really difficult sometimes trying to get things done around the house as that beautiful boy of ours can be quite demanding.

I decided to take Opeie on a tour of the toy shops (for a change), I'm still looking for things for Christmas for the boys so it gave me a great chance for a mooch. We pottered round Toys R Us first which was a little disappointing as there wasn't anything new. Opeie usually prefers Toys R Us but he didn't seem all that bothered today, so after we headed up to Mothercare as they've had some great toys in recently. Opeie went straight to the keyboard/drumkit/Mixing table/Karaoke machine, sat down and started rocking out (that's my boy).

Opeie then spotted the book section so we sat down and read a few books, they had plenty of Rod Campbell and Peppa Pig books so he was a happy little boy.

After using Mothercare as our own personal public library we ventured next door to Smyths, Opeie got so excited when we walked through the door so i decided to conduct a little experiment. I thought i would let opeie wander about on his own and pick something fun for himself. hes only got little arms so i knew he couldn't go mad grabbing everything, it was very interesting to watch.

He started off by picking up a pack of three textured colourful balls, that was then dropped in the isle when he spotted a talking Mickey mouse who was quickly discarded for Minnie. We only got as far as turning around when he spotted all the Peppa Pig stuff, It was a toss up between the Peppa Pig doctors kit and the giant Peppa teddy. He ummed and ahhhed for a while and then decided he wasn't interested in either of them which was a surprise. He then turned and pretty much ran and grabbed a Bob the Builder which was strange as he doesn't usually Like Bob but that was short lived too.

He then wandered about a bit lost, we perused the Lego isle but nothing, Even the super hero isle didn't get much attention today apart from a brief fondle of a Spider-man figure. We went back up the pre-school isle and Opeie's little eyes lit up, i had no idea what he was going after as it was on the bottom shelf but he grabbed hold of it and smiled at me looking very proud of himself. Well the hunt was over and that little cutie of mine decided on a talking Holly from Ben and Holly's little kingdom doll. Well you cant have one without the other, that would be very lonely so i grabbed Ben too.

Opeie talked to them all the way home and then when he got home he kept blowing on Ben's trumpet all excited. It was so much fun watching his little adventure around the toy shop and it's made me realise that even though he does love the super hero toys like his big brother i still need to remember that hes still a toddler and is going to be into some of the younger childrens toys so i will make the effort to get him some for Christmas so ill be no looking for a Gaston to go with his new friends.

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