Thursday 25 October 2012

"I think I'm done with the sofa"

When i was younger and i was taken to the park you could pretty much guarantee that when i got there it would be packed with children running about rushing to get on the swings etc before everyone else. These days when we go to the park were lucky to see any other children. Whats happened over the years? The park is a great way to fill an hour or break up a day when you haven't got much else planned. Both Seth and Opeie love going to the park and are always excited.

Parks can also be used as a great distraction, as an adult there are times when you have boring mundane things that just need to be done and sometimes as grim as it is you have to take the kids along. But the thought of a visit to the park on the way home or while your out and about can usually make whatever were having to do a little more bearable for them.

I do wish that they made some of the play things adult size. I'm always falling off these springy things, clearly they are not designed for such a beefcake. Luckily as you can see in a crisis Opeie will always run to my rescue. It's lovely to know he's watching over his dear old dad.

Rather than write loads of posts about going to different parks i just thought id include pictures from a few visits into one post. Last week we decided to give Mrs M's folks a surprise visit and ended up down the park with Grandad Gary and Dylan (who was looking very dashing in his little pink jumper! very metrosexual.

Opeie as usual enjoyed investigating the giant Mushrooms and going down the slide. It wasn't the warmest of days but even if the weather isn't great its still lovely to get out and about and its always lovely to spend time with family.

The park never gets boring and i don't expect it to until the boys are teenagers at least. The last thing we want is the boys cooped up inside all the time and it does them good to be out in the fresh air. Although the temperature has dropped loads and were now having to wrap up more there's something really beautiful about walking about on an autumn day.

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