Wednesday 17 October 2012

"...always misbehaving and mischeivous, causing aggravation i'll never pause, pushing out spit balls through plastic straws..."

Today we had Seth's parents evening and myself and Mrs M couldn't be more proud. Everyone says their child is amazing and rightly so but Seth is a truly exceptional child and everyone that meets him instantly adores him. Seth is in the top groups for his reading and numeracy, has the most Dragon awards and seems to be well loved by all the staff. His reading and writing has got so much better over the last few months and he is a lot more confident with it, which as a parent is all you can ask for. He's such a great kid.

I think it is really important for you to reward your child for their great behaviour which is why we came up with the pirates, who watch everything Seth does and send him things when he does something exceptionally good. So obviously they were watching Seth's parents evening today but ill let him tell you all about it...

"today after school me, Mommy, Pauly and Opeie went to my parents evening. I showed them my writing book because today i was chosen to go and show Mr Tyas (the head teacher) a story that i made up from my imagination, It was about a magic potion that i drank and went to fairy land and i was chased by knights then i drank the magic potion again and luckily i came back to school. the end. when i read my story at school all the children clapped.

Mommy and Pauly said they were very proud of me and that i had been even more good than they thought i would be but they said they knew i would be good.

When we got back to the car i looked in my seat and i found cyborg and his car. it wasn't there when i got out of the car so it must have been from the pirates. i think they were watching my parents evening so they knew that i had been good.

i am playing with cyborg now while i am talking to pauly. I am very happy that i have another goody for my imaginext toys. I am going to be a really good boy and hope that i get some really nice things for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Pauly whens my Birthday?" Its in 16 days Seth! "YES!!!"

Gotta love those Pirates always sneaking presents into places without any of us knowing about it. Quite amazing really that they can phase through locked cars. Well we were very impressed by everything we heard but we knew what was coming. Seth got to give us a tour around his classroom too which was fun. I'm so glad he enjoys school and i hope he always does as i couldn't stand being at school and did everything i could to aviod as much secondary school as i could.

Tomorrow is world book day so me and Mrs M will be busy making his costume this evening, were really looking forward to it.

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