Tuesday 2 October 2012

"The monster was the best friend I ever had"

I had a trip to Smyths yesterday to further my Christmas shopping for the boys.  I say Smyths but that was followed by Argos, Toys R Us and Mothercare. I managed to find plenty of fun things for the boys and the way im going the Christmas shopping will be finished soon. That's what you call organised, if only i could be a little more organised when it comes to getting Seth ready for school, i always seem to have to do a second journey to the school to drop off football boots, PE Kit and i even sent him in last week without a drink in his lunch box. Luckily I'm always around in the day to do the second journey. While in Smyths i spotted some great new Lego kits.

these kits are so different to anything Lego have released previously and i am desperate to get my hands on them. I love all the old fashioned horror movies which is probably why i find these so appealing.

With Seth's birthday a few weeks away and Christmas just round the corner (and the fact that were trying to save for other things) i cant be buying things for myself and i don't think Seth was to impressed by them when i showed them him so i cant justify passing them of as his present.

If i do get to buy them at some point i will definitely be going for the hearse first its a great set, i have downloaded the instructions for it but sadly i wouldn't have all the parts to make it, despite that i might give it a go anyway and see if i can botch it. I didn't do a bad job of the Jokers Ice Cream truck after all. Its more not having the mini figures that would let it down.

Well i can dream that they will just fall into my lap but until then i will have to just be a good boy and hope that Santa is watching.

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