Friday 26 October 2012

'A new lease of life for some old forgotten toys'

A few months back i wrote a post about the retiring of old toys when Seth decided that he didn't really like Disney Cars anymore. Back when i was buying the Playskool and Fisher Price chunky super hero and Star Wars figures i stumbled upon the Fisher Price Rescue Heroes range. The chunky figures were great for the boys so i snapped up all the ones i could get hold of. I figured that even if they ended up in the toy storage box outside they would get played with in the summer.

They have had plenty of play, they've been outside, in the bath and have zip-wired from ceiling to floor. Sadly they've now been in a box for quite sometime and have not really been getting the attention they deserve. No surprise that the boys would favour Spider-man and his chunky friends.

I didn't really want to get rid of them for the sake of it as they are great figures for the boys to play with. So instead of putting them on ebay i decided i would send some of them to Mrs M's parents. Nanny Roo is always apologising for not having toys there for the boys to play with.

Well the toys have had a new lease of life, the boys forget that they had them so when they see them again they are instantly interested in playing with them which is great for when the grown ups are talking but i bet secretly Nanny Roo and grandad Gary have had a little play with them. We've been round there today and had them out and grandad Gary commented on how sturdy they are and seemed genuinely impressed by the quality.

We love going round to see the family. Mrs M's family are lovely people and i feel lucky to have them as part of my life. They've welcomed me in with open arms from day one and we all get on great.

Despite finding a new home for the boys toys i know there is an inevitable culling of the toy's on the horizon, Its coming up to Christmas and i need to find some space for the boys new things so I'm going to have to be brutal and get rid of the rubbish and somehow put into storage the things that arn't played with that i want to keep so keep reading as I'm sure there will be a post about that very soon.

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